A musical NFT collection generated dynamically from Ethereum prices

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Degen Blues #1

About Degen Blues

Prices go up and down, and the beat goes on.

Music composed and synthesized entirely by code.

On-chain Ethereum price data is algorithmically translated to musical notes, with the chord and scale chosen based on the market direction and volatility. Then the notes are synthesized entirely using oscillators and synths in web audio. This is robot music all the way from start to finish.

Generated from on-chain data

Our smart contract fetches each day’s Ethereum price data from on-chain feeds, and uses that data to dynamically generate a musical NFT. Each one is unique because every day in the market is different. Unlike other NFT collections, Degen Blues requires no arbitrary hashes, and no randomness other than what the market provides. Powered by Chainlink

Own a day in the history of Ethereum

Each NFT represents a single day’s history on the blockchain. Which day will you choose? Wax nostalgic about ETH at $400. Relive the crypto crash of Jan 2022? Or just own your birthday. Each day is a 1/1 unique NFT so nobody owns it but you.

From now until forever

A new NFT will be generated at the end of each day at midnight UTC, based on that day’s price data. At that point it becomes immediately mintable via this site. The Degen Blues smart contract will continue to generate NFTs forever at a fixed rate of 1 per day.

Mission & Future

Degen Blues was born of a desire to push the NFT world, and to create innovative forms of blockchain-native art. As a genesis patron of Degen Blues, you help us advance this mission and are part of our brain trust as we conceptualize our next projects. Some future possibilities we’re excited about:

  • Music based on other tokens
  • New types of data on chain (greenhouse gas levels, COVID genome data, etc)
  • DAO to support data driven art


The core Degen Blues team consists of fully doxxed individuals with a track record of creating products used by hundred of millions of people around the world:

  • Andy Szybalski is a creator working in diverse mediums including painting, cartography, Solidity, and Javascript. As a product designer, he co-founded Google Street View and Uber Eats. As an artist, he created Zoom Backgrounds for Biden. His favorite jazz song is Song For My Father (Horace Silver).
  • Stephen Chau is a product manager and entrepreneur who (with Andy) co-founded Uber Eats and Google Street View. His favorite jazz song of all time is Autumn Leaves (Cannonball Adderley & Miles Davis).

We also thank Chainlink and the open source projects Scalemaker, Tone.js, Chroma.js, and JQuery slim for their work, upon which Degen Blues is built.